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How to Flourish: consultant in positive education and well-being

How to Flourish: consultant in positive education and well-being


About Me


My Background

I am an well-being and positive education consultant living in Houston Texas.

I am a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne. 

I hold a Bachelors degree in Science (Biology) and a Diploma of Education.

I have also been a registered nurse and nurse educator.


My Experience


For over ten years I have specialized in well-being and pastoral care alongside my work as a secondary school science teacher. 

My extensive experience teaching and writing positive education programs has been sharpened by my training in cutting edge methodologies:

- Professor Lea Waters Visible Well-being program, 

- IPEN teacher program

- Harvard Visible Thinking Project Zero 

I am also a highly experienced International Baccalaureate Biology teacher and secondary Science teacher.


About Me

I recently moved to Houston, Texas with my husband.  

I endeavor to live a flourishing life. My signature strengths say a lot about who I am:  Love, faith, gratitude, appreciation of beauty and excellence, and hope. 

I love spending time in interesting and beautiful places; being physically active and savoring the connections with people and places.

If your would like to read more about what I have been up to in Texas you can read my personal blog at  Oz2texas